Suzé Surdyk Jones

Suzé Surdyk Jones Interiors

Founded in 1984, Suze’ Surdyk Jones Interiors has consistently pursued excellence, creativity and ingenuity in their design work.  These efforts have been conferred a legion of honors and accolades by trade organizations and magazines across the country. 

Suze’ boasts both a romantic and a practical list of achievements ranging from a background in European studies to a master’s degree in marketing and front- line experience in building custom homes.  Her true hallmark, however, is her ability to create an honest collaboration that reflects not only sound design principles but incorporates all the desires and individual taste of the client.  She embraces all the complexities and idiosyncrasies of your particular design with the same joie de vivre she lives life.  It is Suzés’ innovative talent that is respected by her profession; but it is her spirit and her dedication that makes her so loved by her clients. [More]